Established 1980

The Company was established in 1980 as a grain elevator in the port of Rotterdam, and adopted the name of the port, on the side of the river Maas, where it was later relocated: Maashaven.

The Company, then still part of a global international grain and oilseed merchant, has a long history in agricultural commodities and started to diversify its activities as from 2000.

Today Maashaven has two main activities:
A Proprietary Trading activity, specialized in global commodities;
An Investment activity specialized in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Structured Finance;

Proprietary Trading

The Company is an independent proprietary trader with a focus on the global commodities markets. Our experience and focus on commodities is at the core of the company’s strategy.

Maashaven manages a single pool of shareholder assets from its registered office in the Netherlands and trades over a wide spectrum of commodity oriented securities, derivatives and currencies in selected global markets.

The Company deploys disciplined rules-based trading and asset management, with clear investment rules, stringent risk management and with a clear performance target to deliver consistent and sustainable total capital returns in bullish and bearish markets. The trading style is based on relative value and opportunistic long/short speculation and can not be categorized as high-frequency or even day-trading.


The Company is involved as an active financial participant in several companies, and provides advisory services to others. With over 30 years experience in operational and financial ventures, Maashaven structures investments, provides alternative financial facilities, creates operational support, etc. to uncover enterprise value by identifying opportunities and reducing threats.

With substantial commitment and financial resources in selected fields of expertise, Maashaven acts as an advisor or as active shareholder in a portfolio of companies, playing an active role in strategic and operational developments, with focus on growth and performance. The Company provides assistance during the expansion phase of companies, from start-up to growth, from mature to M&A. The areas of expertise include a.o. chemicals, commodities, food & agri, logistics & ports, technology, etc.

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